Friday, December 19, 2008

Mankind is above Religion, Border and Politics

I wish this world is filled with brotherhood denying any creed, colour, cast , religion, border and politics

This planet needs more talk, more ideas to free the human souls are in dark. Human Being is above all. The civilisation and bondage of relation are for human being. If these two subjects are not met everything is void. It is not an abode of mankind.
The whole world is at unrest and in disquiet state. The war between evil and good is on. The elements that instigate genocide are mainly religious and political differences. The evil force uses religion as their weapon and use it with shrewd politics; they lure youths with money who are ignorant and poor. They make young people human bomb with false assurance and ideology to commit genocide or mass murder. They use guerilla fight like barbarity in olden times It should be stopped. The guardian from every society should keep an watch, Its not the solution of any injustice, commotion or grievance

I hope everyone should leave their race religion at home when they come outside and meet people of different religion and race. I hope everyone should listen and accept any criticizing for positive sides and roles. I hope everyone should pay respect to everyone they come across. our only struggle should be for better living and production of resources like food, water, clothing, shelter, education, relations etc. I hope People would rise as a perfect human being for another human being and above all religion and politics and materialistic needs

--Albert Ashok
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